Cleaning Jobs in Dubai UAE | New Openings (Sept 2023)

Dubai offers a wide range of cleaning job opportunities, with over 300 cleaning jobs currently available on job sites. These jobs include positions such as customer service representatives, cake decorators, assistants, and cleaners, among others. There are also specific cleaning jobs available for females. The cleaning jobs available in Dubai are diverse, and individuals can choose a job that suits their interests and skills.

To qualify for cleaning jobs in Dubai, individuals should have at least a high school diploma. However, skills such as proficiency in languages, customer service, and time management can enhance one’s chances of securing a job. There are also specific requirements for some cleaning jobs, such as the need for a driving license for cleaning supervisor positions. Overall, individuals who are hardworking, reliable, and have a positive attitude are highly valued in the cleaning industry in Dubai.

The working conditions and salary expectations for cleaning jobs in Dubai vary depending on the employer and job position. The average salary for a cleaner in Dubai is around AED 7,260 per month. However, the salary can range from AED 4,970 to AED 11,500 depending on the job position and experience level. Full-time cleaning jobs in Dubai can offer benefits such as employment visas and medical insurance. The hourly pay for a cleaner in Dubai is around $14 per hour. Overall, cleaning jobs in Dubai can offer stable employment with competitive salaries and benefits.

Latest Cleaning Jobs in Dubai

Cleaning Jobs in Dubai

The Growing Demand for Cleaning Services in Dubai

Dubai’s rapid development and status as a global business and tourism hub have propelled the demand for cleaning services to unprecedented levels. As more residential and commercial properties emerge, so does the need for skilled cleaning professionals to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards. From hotels and shopping malls to offices and residential complexes, cleaning staff play a crucial role in upholding Dubai’s reputation for excellence.

Popular Cleaning Job Opportunities in Dubai

a) Housekeeping Staff: Dubai’s luxury hotels and resorts are known for their impeccable service. As a housekeeping staff member, you will be responsible for maintaining guest rooms, public areas, and ensuring high levels of cleanliness and comfort.

b) Janitors and Cleaners: Commercial buildings, offices, and shopping centers rely on janitors and cleaners to ensure a clean and welcoming environment. Duties may include mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and waste management.

c) Industrial Cleaners: Dubai’s industrial sector, including warehouses, factories, and construction sites, requires specialized cleaning services. Industrial cleaners handle tasks such as debris removal, equipment cleaning, and waste disposal, often requiring adherence to strict safety protocols.

d) Residential Cleaners: As Dubai’s population continues to grow, residential cleaning services have become increasingly popular. This niche offers opportunities to work in private households, providing cleaning services tailored to individual needs.

Essential Skills and Qualifications

a) Basic Cleaning Knowledge: A fundamental understanding of cleaning techniques, products, and equipment is essential for any cleaning job. This includes knowledge of different surface types, cleaning chemicals, and best practices to ensure efficient and safe cleaning.

b) Attention to Detail: Employers in Dubai’s cleaning industry value individuals who pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring thorough and comprehensive cleaning services.

c) Time Management: Cleaning jobs often involve multiple tasks and tight deadlines. Efficient time management skills will help you complete your duties promptly without compromising quality.

d) Communication Skills: Clear communication is essential, especially when working as part of a team or dealing with clients. Basic English proficiency is usually required for most cleaning positions in Dubai.

How to Find Cleaning Jobs in Dubai

a) Online Job Portals: Websites like,, and feature comprehensive job listings where you can search for cleaning vacancies in Dubai. Create a compelling resume and apply directly to relevant job postings.

b) Recruitment Agencies: Dubai has numerous recruitment agencies specializing in the cleaning sector. Registering with these agencies can significantly enhance your chances of finding suitable employment.

c) Networking: Expanding your professional network within the cleaning industry can open doors to hidden job opportunities. Attend industry events, join relevant forums, and connect with professionals in Dubai’s cleaning community.

Cleaning jobs in Dubai offer not only a chance for steady employment but also an opportunity to contribute to the city’s remarkable growth. As Dubai continues to flourish, the demand for skilled cleaning professionals remains high. By leveraging the information and resources outlined in this guide, you can embark on a rewarding career in Dubai’s thriving cleaning industry. Remember to showcase your skills, stay updated with job listings, and maintain a proactive approach to secure the best cleaning job that suits your aspirations.

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